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Access Control in Dorking, Guildford and the Surrounding Areas

The increasing risk of property break-ins and thefts underlines just how important access control systems have become. Traditionally associated with the commercial and industrial sectors, these solutions are now common features at residential premises. While the former covers buildings like offices, factories, retail units and warehouses, the latter includes safe housing, care homes, apartment buildings and properties with electric gates and intercoms.

No matter your sector, you can rely on Nova Fire & Security for all your needs. Based in Cranleigh, we provide workplace and home security services in Crawley, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford, Weybridge and Virginia Water. On a regional level, our company operates across Surrey, Sussex and the South East.

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You can rely on our experienced, highly skilled team for:

  • Access Control System Installs
  • Intercom System Installation
  • Servicing, Upgrades and Additions
  • Swipe Cards, Fobs and Key Panels
  • Biometrics and 2-Factor Authentication
  • PC Networked Systems

Whether you have 1 door or 1,000, Nova Fire & Security tailors a workplace or home security solution around your specific needs.

In addition to our SSAIB approval, our company also holds status as a Paxton-registered installer. While we supply and fit a full range of Paxton products and devices, we also source from other market-leading manufacturers such as BPT, Videx, Fermax and Grosvenor.

Where required, our team can achieve locking solutions in compliance with BS EN 1125 and BS EN 179.

Choosing Intercoms And Access Control Systems

Are you looking to improve your home security in Cranleigh or Dorking? Or do you need additional protection for a business premises in Godalming or Guildford? Below, we have briefly introduced some of the most popular options our team installs.

Pin Code

‍Anyone wishing to gain access must enter the valid code to unlock the door.

‍Proximity Card and Fobs

‍Unlike dated solutions, you don’t need to insert a card into a reader. Instead, you simply present a proximity card or fob to open the door. For the utmost efficiency and convenience, you can keep your card in a purse or wallet and still gain access.

PC Networked Systems

‍Based on a PC or computer network, these systems control one or more doors within a building. You gain access in much the same way as a standalone access control system, i.e. pin code or magstripe token. But with central control via a network, you have more flexibility within the system.

For example, you can apply different permissions for individual users and doors, making them ideal for larger premises.

2-Factor Authentication

‍Often referred to as 2FA, this solution requires the user to provide 2 different authentication factors for verification. This offers increased protection for the user’s credentials and the resources they can access.

2FA systems provide an extra layer of security when compared with single-factor authentication (SFA). In many cases, the 2 factors include a memorised pin or code as well as biometric data or security token.

‍Biometric Access Control

‍‍Biometric access is one of the fastest growing markets for both workplace and home security. While authentication through coded entry or proximity reader offers outstanding protection, access through a fingerprint provides even more.

With access controlled through a factor as unique as a fingerprint, you make your facilities in Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford or the wider South East region even more secure.

As you would expect from a specialist in workplace and home security, Nova Fire & Security also installs various intercoms and CCTV systems.

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