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Whether you're safeguarding a commercial site or a personal residence, the security risks of leaving properties unattended are significant. With the evolving work environment leading many to work from home, it’s crucial to ensure your property is equipped with the latest in security technology, including state-of-the-art CCTV, alarm systems, and access control solutions tailored for Weybridge homes and businesses.

As the dynamics of work change, with more individuals now working from home, criminal attention has shifted towards properties perceived as vulnerable. These spaces might lack crucial security features such as convenient alarm system installations, expert burglar alarm system installations, and specialized CCTV installations in Surrey.

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Common Security Issues in Vacant Premises

Vacant premises, whether commercial or residential, are susceptible to a range of security challenges. In traditional work settings, unattended houses were particularly vulnerable during the day, attracting criminal activities. With the shift towards remote work, the focus of criminal attention has expanded to properties perceived as unprotected, lacking essential security measures.

  • Arson
    Arson poses a significant threat to unattended premises. Whether it's a business or a private residence, the risk of intentional fire damage increases in vacant spaces.
  • Vandalism
    Vacant properties often become targets for vandalism. Criminals may exploit the absence of supervision to cause deliberate damage, defacement, or destruction.
  • General Criminal Damage
    The risk of general criminal damage, such as breaking windows, doors, or property defacement, is heightened in unattended premises, both commercial and residential.
  • Property Theft
    Unoccupied spaces are at risk of property theft. Criminals may seize the opportunity to steal valuable assets, equipment, or belongings left unguarded.

In the current landscape, where remote work is prevalent, addressing these security issues becomes paramount. However, implementing solutions, such as strategic alarm system installations, expert burglar alarm system installations, and specialized CCTV installations in Surrey, can significantly enhance the security of vacant properties.

Advanced Security Solutions

  • CCTV Installations with Remote Monitoring
    Nova Security provides advanced CCTV installations with remote monitoring capabilities. This allows you to view your property's camera feeds from any location, at any time. Our innovative, app-controlled solutions not only offer complete control and peace of mind but also act as a deterrent to potential intruders.
  • Modern Intercoms
    Modern intercoms with remote features are crucial for security. These systems not only allow you to hear but also see individuals at your property entrance. The ability to communicate remotely gives the impression that your premises is occupied, often deterring potential threats.
  • Alarm System Installations
    Nova Security specialises in alarm system installations, providing expert services for both businesses and private residences. Our technicians employ advanced technologies to create a robust defense mechanism, ensuring the security of your Surrey property.
  • Functioning Fire Alarms
    Fire detection systems are integral to property security. The threat of arson for unattended buildings persists, even with security measures in place. A fully functional fire alarm immediately alerts authorities, minimizing potential fire and smoke damage at your Surrey property.

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