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When was the last time you checked the functionality of your fire alarms? Many aspects come together to provide complete workplace and home security, but systems for fire detection are among the most important. Intercoms and CCTV installations monitor and restrict movement in and around your property. Burglar alarms alert you and the authorities that an intruder has gained illegal access. Of course, fire alarms protect your Guildford premises from the potential devastation of a fire, be it accidental or arson.

At Nova Fire & Security, we are passionate about protecting you, your property and everyone who uses it. A key part of our service is ensuring your home or workplace has an innovative, well-maintained fire alarm system. The reality is, a blaze can have a bigger impact than vandalism or property theft.

‍ Without regular maintenance, your device may eventually encounter problems that make it all-but redundant. Like any technological system, fire alarms of even the highest quality are not impervious to faults.

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Understanding Maintenance For Fire Detection Systems

How do fire detection systems work?

At Nova Fire & Security, we design and install bespoke systems tailored to individual needs. Different property types require their own unique solution. For example, a family home won’t need the same kind of system as a small commercial building. In turn, a large office building will need something entirely distinct itself.

‍At the heart of every system, however, is the ability to detect the first sign of a fire: smoke. It’s easy to spot a huge cloud of ash and smoke, just as it is a wall of flames. But by this point, the fire is already out of control. The detection of the initial smoke is typically what makes all the difference in a situation where every second counts.

While you may have cutting-edge CCTV installations, intercoms and burglar alarms, without a system for smoke and fire detection, your workplace or home security is vulnerable.

With a device and wider system fitted in your Guildford property, it will sound an alert at the first sign of smoke. This gives you, your family, your tenants or your staff enough time to safely evacuate – and the fire brigade added time to get the blaze under control.

Of course, a faulty fire alarm may not alert you as it should, and the consequences can be tragic.

‍How often should you check your fire alarms?

For residential homes in and around Guildford, we advise testing your fire alarm(s) once a month. This is quick and easy. Simply press the alarm button until it sounds. If your alarm doesn’t trigger, you must replace the battery. But you should always do this on an annual basis regardless.

In line with BS 5839 guidelines, commercial fire detection systems must undergo inspection and servicing every 6 months.

Do you need to upgrade your business or home security? In addition to fire alarms, we cover intercoms and access control, burglar alarms, CCTV installation and much more.

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