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In the UK, a burglary takes place approximately every 40 seconds. This stark fact demonstrates the importance of keeping properties and premises as secure as possible. Solutions in this regard include all aspects of commercial and home security, such as burglar alarms, CCTV installation and intercoms. You can also install systems for fire detection to protect against accidental blazes and arson alike.

Be it in Godalming or the surrounding areas, it’s easy to associate burglary with domestic properties. The truth is, however, opportunistic burglars will take advantage of any property they deem to have a weakness.

Below, we have looked at how you can make your property less of a target.

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Improving Workplace And Home Security

What Attracts an Opportunistic Burglar?

Of course, security upgrades of any kind will help to deter burglars. Modern, well-planned CCTV installations provide complete coverage of your Godalming site in HD. Innovative burglar alarms, intercoms and access control systems restrict access through doors. However, you only have true peace of mind when these devices, along with fire detection features, work together as a unit.

The truth is, an opportunistic burglar will look for weaknesses in your chain of defence. These could be poorly maintained window locks or old-fashioned access systems.

This information may seem unnerving, but it actually puts control back in your hands. With a thorough security review from Nova Fire & Security, we can identify vulnerable areas in and around your home or place of work before suggesting effective solutions.

‍Measures to Help Prevent Burglary

A key benefit on your side is that many burglaries are spontaneous acts with little to no planning, thought or care. By making your property visibly secure, you can deter the act before the thought even arises. This extends beyond the typical home security solutions.

For example, don’t leave deliveries of expensive items in an open, exposed area. This demonstrates a lax approach to all-round security. What’s more, remove or recycle all packaging without delay. This eliminates obvious signs that you have expensive equipment on your Godalming site.

If you have visibly old, out-dated window locks (on sash windows, for example) or access control systems, prioritise updating these. Visible intercoms and burglar alarms also make highly effective deterrents.

Whether it’s any of these, CCTV installations or fire detection systems, you can rely on us for complete property protection.

‍Day and Night Security

It’s easy to associate burglaries with the dead of night. However, it’s surprisingly common for opportunistic crimes to take place during the day, especially in residential parts of Godalming or the neighbouring areas. This is because you, your family and your neighbours are typically not at home.

Similarly, burglars often target educational premises during the holidays because there’s no one onsite to catch them.

There are many simple solutions to help protect an unoccupied home or building. Timed lights give the impression that you or someone else is still inside. Of course, there are basic checks to make before leaving, such as closing and locking all windows and doors.

For the ultimate reassurance, you simply can’t beat our home security solutions. Our team fits intercoms and other access control features, CCTV installations, burglar alarms and fire detection systems that make your Godalming property much less appealing to would-be intruders.

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