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CCTV Installation in Cranleigh | Intercoms and Burglar Alarms | How to Protect a Business Property While Working Remotely

During the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown measures forced businesses across the UK to transition into working from home. When it became apparent that this measure wasn’t only going to last for a few weeks or months, companies started to reassess working practices. As we return to normality again, one thing remains clear: remote working is here to stay. However, this poses a new headache: how do you keep empty business premises with no staff in them safe?

As a Cranleigh-based expert in workplace and home security, Nova Fire & Security covers fire detection and access control systems, intercoms, CCTV installation, burglar alarms and more.

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Remote Working | The Security Issues

Whether you have a bricks-and-mortar shop in Cranleigh that welcomes customers, or a sprawling office complex for employees only, leaving a premises of any kind empty for an extended period will soon make it a target for opportunist vandals and burglars. Conversely, this is why home security was so important during traditional working practices. Because so many people left their houses empty during the day, they were natural targets for crime.

‍With more workers now at home, criminals have turned to commercial properties in which they can see a weakness. These include outdated fire detection systems and CCTV installations, no burglar alarms and little more than a padlock as opposed to intercoms.

The most common security issues associated with vacant premises include:

  • Arson
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal Damage
  • Theft of Property

You may even find that squatters take up residence in your Cranleigh property. But while the risks are higher now than in recent years, there are multiple solutions you can take while staff work remotely.

‍CCTV Installations with Remote Monitoring

You don’t have to physically be at your premises to see what’s happening there. A popular staple of both workplace and home security, remote monitoring CCTV allows you to view your cameras’ feeds from any location, no matter the time.

Nova Fire & Security supplies and installs innovative security devices, including app-controlled solutions. These not only give you complete control and added peace of mind, but their very presence is also enough to deter would-be intruders.


‍Modern intercoms with remote features are just as important for businesses as fire detection, CCTV and access control systems, not to mention burglar alarms. The latest options allow you to see the person/people ringing the bell, not just hear them.

The ability to speak with a person outside your property from a remote location also gives the impression that you or other staff still occupy your Cranleigh premises. In many cases, this thought is all it takes to make your property less of a target.

‍Functioning Fire Alarms

‍Systems for fire detection are an integral feature of workplace and home security. This is true for occupied and unoccupied properties alike. Unfortunately, arson remains a constant threat for empty buildings. While CCTV installations, burglar alarms, intercoms and access control all help to limit access to your site, they do nothing if someone does get in and starts a fire.

A fully functional fire alarm immediately alerts the authorities. This helps to minimise fire and smoke damage at your Cranleigh property while also helping to catch those responsible.

In need of intercoms, burglar alarms, CCTV installations or any other aspect of fire and property security in Cranleigh?